Our Products


Yopay digital payment is a solution for online transactions. Yopay application will make all forms of payment transactions easier because you will no longer need to go to ATM or Supermarket for transfers but straight through your smartphone. One of the benefits of Yopay application is the speed of transactions that may be completed just in a seconds.


Payuu is a marketplace founded by PT Pilar Digital Indonesia. Payuu provides services that allow clients meet with first party, allowing them to obtain cheaper, bigger quantity and higher-quality items. Nowdays, Payuu becomes one of the most visited marketplace in Indonesia. For business owners looking for trustworthy and high quality products will like this application.


Skelup is a creative agency to support your company’s branding and digital marketing. Skelup offers some services such as creative branding, advertising and social media management. Our mission is to be a visual and digital marketing partner for small and medium-sized enterprises so they can develop and succeed in today’s digital era.